Community & Charity Activities

We are fully engaged in various and numerous activities within our local community.

We are involved with the local Cranleigh Christian Aid Committee.  Fully supporting the Christian Aid week every year, Jane is also the Methodist Church organiser for the door to door collectors as well as the Independent verifier for counting day and requires the heavy mob to support her carrying all that money to the bank!

Attached to the Christian Aid committee is the committee for Fairtrade Cranleigh and the awareness campaign to encourage businesses and residents to support and buy fair trade goods.

Jane is committed to helping Horizon for Children charity and collects children’s books, paper, pencils etc.  These get collected periodically and are then shipped over to Sierra Leone where needy children have the opportunity to read, write and learn.  It is the charity’s goal to provide a mobile library one day.

Jane is also an active member of Cranleigh Rotary Club, having been its first Lady President in 2012. She has now ‘retired’ from the Community and Vocational Committee which has a heavy work load organising sales and concerts and fundraising events etc.

Jane also drives once a month on a Sunday afternoon as a volunteer for a group called Contact the Elderly. This means collecting, driving, delivering and enjoying the company of a couple of ladies, of uncertain vintage, at a hostess’s home for tea and chat. There are usually up to 9 or 11 ladies and their drivers, so it is quite a noisy and joyous affair with a lot of tea sloshing about!

The business remains registered with the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce but Jane has stepped down as Secretary and Treasurer of the Chamber and is just an ordinary member on this front.