Green Policy

To demonstrate our commitment to our environment we enforce a Green Policy:

  • We use both sides of almost every piece of paper that comes into the office or is found no longer to be required i.e. for photocopying or draft printing.

  • All paper that is no longer required or confidential waste is shredded and used on our domestic composting heaps.

  • We print on both sides of paper for a letter wherever possible, using the smallest size envelope where applicable and sending communications second class. We make maximum use of email or fax or scan and email to cut our carbon emission costs wherever possible.  We try to hand deliver items of post within the Cranleigh village area.

  • We collect used stamps for Charity.

  • We collect cardboard, plastic, bottle tops, spent water filter cartridges, silver foil and glass and take them to our local recycling centre together with used batteries and redundant I T monitors.

  • Our compostable waste, used tea bags, banana skins etc., are taken home once a week to a domestic compost heap.

  • We reuse all plastic bags at least twice and make use of used envelopes to store archived records in.

  • We archive used files and re-use the index tabs and the files themselves.

  • We return as much original documentation to our clients as possible so they keep original documents, accounts, books, tax returns. It keeps our archiving costs to a minimum – the saving is therefore absorbed into keeping our fees as competitive as possible.  We reuse box files and lever arch files and parcel up accounts for clients to minimise buying new ones.