“This April(2023) we celebrate 20 years of XXXXXX, and YOU have been by my side for 19 of those years!  Thank you for all your support and guidance. All my love LP”

“You run an exceptionally good business, well done to you all”

Tom Pickering (CEO & Founder of Icebreaker) 18.05.2022

“Thank you for your work with regard to your Independent Examination of PCC XXXX. I have enjoyed and appreciated the thoroughness and technical competence of your work which I found most refreshing.”

RW 13.03.22

“I wanted to thank you, Victoria, Camilla and the rest of the team who have supported both Simon and I over so many years. So many things have happened over the years to both your family and mine and the businesses. Please accept our gratitude for your ever professional service and for supporting us for such a long time through a few iterations. It does seem very strange.  I suppose this is what happens to many businesses as they head towards retirement.”

– Nathalie Fiander (Expedite MC) 16/11/2021

“Thank you for all you have done for me over the years.  Your advice has been so invaluable and you have handled everything with such professionalism. I always knew I could trust you. I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.  In fact I already do!”

– Becky (Company accounts) 17/03/2021

“Those people not fortunate to have a switched on accountant like you probably end up paying tax they don’t owe.”

– Sue Biddle (Tax advice) 16/12/2020

“It has taken me 35 years to find a decent accountant I’d hate to lose you, when I think of the hours I have wasted following up accountants, and having no information to optimise my finances it makes me cross. Thanks for the clarification.”

-Sue Biddle (Longley Academy Ltd) 19/03/2020

“Thank you all for your endless help and support. We really appreciate it!”

-RL, AL, TL and CL 21/12/2020

“It is my experience that Oakwood is a highly professional, knowledgeable motivated company whose objective is to provide to their clients the most beneficial, effective and appropriate services most suited to that clients specific requirements; I am very pleased with how they have helped, and continue to help me run my business”

-Russ Cumberland (NRC Consulting) (Accounts, Personal Tax Return and VAT Returns) 20/05/2019

“Absolutely amazing team of people. Super friendly and hard working. I sent them so much paper work and they were able to deal with all of it. I have recommended both friends and family. Thank you all for your hard work!”

-TG (Personal Tax Return) 15/05/2019

“Oakwood have supported me ever since I launched my business and have been there for me as I grew. The cost is always reasonable and I know I can get good advice on both my tax and other aspects of business. Friendly and professional.”

-Sian Tyrell (Sian T Photography) 11/11/2019

“If I need any support either at this time or later on, I will definitely reach back out to you. My experience, via our phone conversation and email, has again been very helpful, straightforward and easy to understand; as it was originally when you set up my own company for me. I remain very impressed by your style and approach.”

Julie came to us with some queries about her personal Tax Return, having received advice and guidance from us a couple of years ago. On both occasions we advised her how to complete her own tax return.

-Julie 11/12/2019

 “I wanted to say how pleased I am with you of course and also Camilla who is so lovely to deal with!  She makes a good Account Manager because she is so placid and pleasant to talk to.”

-JK (Accounts and Personal Tax Return) 25/01/2018