VAT Registration & Returns

Once you or your business reaches a turnover of £85,000 in one trading year you will be required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT). It is also possible to apply for VAT registration before reaching the threshold. We can offer support and expertise if you need help knowing whether you need to register, when and how. Or we can do it all for you!

Once registered for VAT it is essential to keep on top of your bookkeeping, as HMRC will be expecting either monthly or quarterly VAT returns, showing your Income and claimable expenses for the period and if you’ll be making a payment or reclaiming. We can do all the work for you as our trained and certified advisors know their way around a number of the best and most widely regarded accounting software’s suitable for MTD. Whether on Xero, Sage or ClearBooks we have someone to oversee your bookkeeping month by month or input all the data for you each quarter.

With over 40 VAT registered Companies and Sole Traders we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to consistently and professionally look after the ins and outs of all your VAT needs.