The burden on bookkeeping

Red tape is a bind for small business owners and bookkeeping is up there with the most frustrating.  It can be a real drag on time, patience and resources.  The problem is most people have never had the training to do their bookkeeping efficiently.  To compound matters further, the leading software packages are actually accounting software masquerading as bookkeeping software; great for accountants but overkill for the average business owner!

Managing your bookkeeping is vital to staying on top of your business.  When your books aren’t in order then neither is your business or, arguably, your life.

Managing your businesses finances

Are you in Control?   There are three pillars to business; sales & marketing, operations and finance.  The majority of businesses are adept at the first two.

The owners are good at the work (especially if the business is dependent on the owner’s talent, like a good mechanic who has opened his own garage), so the operations are good.  Sales are made through referrals generated by this high quality work.  It’s the finance that causes the problems.

These three pillars are like the legs of a milking stool.  When one isn’t as strong as the other two, the efficiency of the milking is a very wobbly affair.

Financial control is imperative.  Businesses are often guilty of managing the business on the money in the bank, being unaware of their own tax implications and are rarely 100% certain of who owes the business and how much is owed out.  All of this compromises the health of the business.

Without relevant information, on what basis are you making your business decisions?

How can we help you?

What’s the solution?  We have the flexibility and the know how to get rid of your bookkeeping headache and put you firmly in control of your finances.

FIRSTLY, we have our own systems which are incredibly easy to use.  This means that if you would like to do the books yourself, you can do with ease.

We will set up a bespoke arrangement and coach you to how to fly through your bookkeeping, easily.  We’ll even show you how to manage your paper flow.  Your valuable time will be spent far more efficiently, plus you’ll be in complete control of your numbers and able to make informed decisions.

SECONDLY, we can take the bookkeeping off your hands completely.

So you’ll have all of the benefits of excellent management information, relief from the anxiety of the taxman and even more time to get on with running your business.

We will talk through your personal circumstances and tailor the best solution for you (all at an agreed rate).  So there’s no need to hate bookkeeping any longer.  With us you’ll learn to love it!