Prepared from receipts, invoices, bank statements.  Information and documentation provided by Client/third parties.

Compiled in manual form, excel spreadsheets, Sage, IRIS, ClearBooks or Xero.

Accounts preparation usually includes bank reconciliation, VAT reconciliation, balance sheet, profit and loss, asset schedules, plus tax calculations as required by Client or recommended for businesses by us.

Limited Company Accounts are detailed and follow a prescribed, laid down set of rules to comply with the legal requirements of Companies House and the Inland Revenue.  They are also completed to offer Companies confirmation of their accuracy and acceptance by Banks and other financial institutions.

Accounts for all businesses are tailor made to and for the client to ensure clarity and relevance, information required or necessary for the client and or/their bankers/shareholders etc.  Also, if the business is in a specialised field or has a diverse sales base, analysis and detailed information can be prepared for the client as they require.

Sole trader accounts, prepared in detail, offer individuals the peace of mind that comes with applications for personal mortgages.