Registration of New Limited Companies

Registration and formation of a company may appear simple, but having professional help can pay ‘dividends’ in the long run and by assisting you, or doing it for you, we can ensure you get the right ‘package’.  Your company will be set up accurately, with the right shareholding and an acceptable accounting year end. This will save precious time when it comes to starting out and completing the subsequent Inland Revenue forms.

Even though it is no longer a legal requirement to have a Company Secretary, it would be advantageous to have someone outside the day to day running of the company to ensure legal deadlines are complied with (especially as Companies House are drastically increasing penalties for late submission of annual returns etc.).

Do call us if you’re thinking of setting up a Limited Company.  Is it the right kind of ‘vehicle’ for you and your business?

We can provide you with formula to establish if a limited company formation will work for you from

  • a tax point of view
  • the records that need keeping
  • information that needs to be submitted to the various Government Departments
  • a personal point of view
  • banking and financial concerns

Let us assist you in making the right decision first time!